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On August 2, 2023, google released a new announcement that there are eight new features to improve app campaign measurement and performance. you probably thinking

Why I care

Simple the more effectively a campaign connects with its target audience, the higher the chances of generating conversions for the brand. So if you want to increase return on investment then take a look at this.

8 New Feature for App Measurement and Performance

  1. On-device conversion measurement: GA4 supports more types of consented user sign-ins, like phone numbers, without sharing user-identifying information externally, including Google.
  2. Geo-based conversion lift measurement (beta): Marketers can run controlled experiments to understand the causal, incremental effects of their iOS App campaigns more accurately.
  3. Comprehensive web-to-app conversion measurement: Google’s privacy-safe URL parameter allows better iOS app conversion measurement for web campaigns that deep link users into the app.
  4. Seamless app and web audience reuse: GA4 ensures that only relevant app users are targeted for app campaigns when creating an audience, improving campaign efficiency.
  5. Integrations with SKAdNetwork: Configure SKAdNetwork conversion value schema using this tool for improved in-app event measurement and optimization.
  6. Additional performance uplift: The tool optimizes App campaign performance automatically. To get started, activate Google signals in your linked GA4 property.
  7. New unnotified users suggested audience: Brands can engage with existing app users who haven’t received push notifications yet, expanding their reach beyond push notification recipients (only 37% enable push notifications).
  8. Access GA4 Audience Builder in Google Ads: Soon, you’ll be able to build audiences directly in GA4, simplifying campaign setup and management.

After this announcement google said that many businesses are seeing performance success with using Google Analytics 4, particularly on iOS. For example, knowing its iOS users were some of its most profitable users, Revolut, a United Kingdom-based banking technology company, wanted to scale its iOS campaigns in its top markets. After implementing and beginning to bid on Google Analytics 4 events, Revolut saw a 12.5% increase in additional first-opens and achieved a 11.2% decrease in its CPI and also said that these are just a few of the newest features available to app marketers who use Google Analytics 4. There is a full suite of App campaign measurement and performance features you can access with Google Analytics 4 to help you drive business growth. Hope you find it informative.

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