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Hello all, I am going to talk about the recently released two new types of campaigns: Video views and Demand Generation. First, understand about

Video Views Campaign

These campaigns are designed to help businesses get their videos seen by more people. These campaigns are designed to promote videos not only on YouTube but also across other Google-owned platforms like Google Search and the Display Network. Previously known as Maximize Views, these campaigns have proven to significantly increase overall views. In fact, research conducted by Google indicates that marketers experienced a remarkable 40% increase in views when utilizing video view advertising compared to in-stream skippable CPV advertisements. These campaigns combine a variety of formats including skippable in-stream ads, in-feed ads, and Shorts ads to get the most out of a budget.

Now lets’ see

Some of the key features of Video views campaigns:

  • Video views campaigns are easy to set up and manage. You can create your campaign in just a few minutes, and you can track your results in real time.
  • They provide a range of targeting possibilities, allowing us to use the films to reach our intended audience.

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Demand Generation Campaigns

It help businesses generate leads. These campaigns can be used to promote landing pages, forms, or other lead-generating assets. The campaign will leverage AI and help to engage and drive action with consumers. These campaigns will work across:

  • YouTube Shorts.
  • YouTube in-stream.
  • YouTube in-feed.
  • Discover.
  • Gmail placements.

Now let’s see some

Some of the key features of Demand generation campaigns:

  • They can help us reach more people with videos or lead-generating assets.
  • They can help us improve brand awareness or generate leads.
  • They can help us track the performance of campaigns and make improvements.

If you are interested in trying out these new campaign types, you can sign up for the beta program. To learn more, visit the Google Ads website:

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